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Our cycling schedule features styles ranging from "beat driven" to "athletic and strong". 

* Ride * Rhythm Ride * Power Ride * Ride & Sculpt *



The variety of Clementine's on-demand library will keep you engaged and motivated to try something new each day. 

 * Sculpt * Core * Box * Yoga * MVMNT


Clementine is more than just a cycling studio. 
Continually challenge yourself with our
pop-up classes and on-demand library.  



Ride 45 minutes
Ride is a high-intensity cardio workout specifically choreographed to music.  Riders will challenge their limits with sprints, runs, jumps, intervals, and climbs.  The music will motivate you to give it your all!  While each class is unique, the results are the same - you will build endurance and strength while torching calories.

Rhythm Ride 45 minutes

Rhythm Ride is not your traditional bike ride. Rhythm Ride delivers an exhilarating, full-body, high-intensity cardio workout on the bike.  Each class is choreographed to music utilizing push-ups, squats, crunches, taps, jumps, etc. — and maybe even a little dancing — all while pedaling. Already a pro? Use weights to amp up your workout. You will literally feel the burn as you sculpt and strengthen your entire body.  Expect to leave feeling completely drained and happy you came!

Power Ride 45 minutes

It's the Ride, with higher levels of resistance and power pushes through those upper-level thresholds, back down to recover, then back up just to be uncomfortable again. You will power through hills, sprints, intervals, and jumps while pushing your heart rate. You are stronger than you think. #justdoit.

Ride & Sculpt 45 minutes

Ride & Sculpt is the best of two worlds: high-intensity cardio paired with high-rep / light-weight resistant training for a full-body workout. Our instructors create unique ride experiences integrating athletic movements on-and-off the bike with a high-intensity ride specifically choreographed to music. The intentional movements with dumbbells or resistance bands will have your muscles burning. This class will make you stronger and fitter. You will torch calories during and after class!  

Yin Yoga (virtual, on-demand) 45 minutes

A custom class designed by Georgette Kaftan for Clementine Cycling Studio. “How you move on your mat is how you move in your life.” Georgette uses this phrase often to remind her students that yoga poses or asanas are only a very small part of their yoga practice. By encouraging students to think less and feel more, Georgette hopes that they can learn to look inside, live where they fear to live and emerge stronger.

The MVMNT (virtual, on-demand) 45 minutes

Let go of what you envision a fitness class to be and open your mind and heart to The MVMNT. This class is a transformative “MOVEMENT” forward both mentally and physically through a method of eliminating your negative space within to uncover your inner strength and peace. By allowing yourself to mentally unburden, your body follows resulting in a positive change for the mind, body, and soul. The MVMNT combines intense cardio, core, and intentional body toning by using only your body as the vehicle. There is an underlying spiritual element to each rhythmic movement leaving you at your most humbled and strongest self. Let it go. Be free. Accept Change. Join The MVMNT.

Core & Mor(virtual, on-demand) 45 minutes

This weight/body interval class will kickstart your fitness in the right direction! Expect to work your entire body with a focus on your core.  A little sweat. A lot of fun. For all levels. 

Total Sculpt (virtual, on-demand) 45 minutes

Take it to the mat with this Total Sculpt class. Weights, resistance band, body resistance, and core. Strong and steady upper and lower body movements will burn deep, strengthen the whole body, and carve crazy definition. 

Fight Club (virtual, on-demand) 45 minutes

Muay Thai-inspired boxing for all levels. Come throw down for 7 rounds. Carve out a killer core and shred your entire body. Increase your cardio endurance while stepping out of your comfort zone and into the ring for an intense 45-minute challenge.

Just A Slice Express (virtual, on-demand) 

As the name suggests, these are 20-35 minute heart-pumping classes!  If you are short on time or want to add a little more to your workout, grab a slice!  Long enough to get your heart rate up and get you sweating, but short enough to get you in and out!  Find slices to fit your needs on our virtual "Just A Slice" channel.



Our entire team of professional rider leaders is 

Indoor Cycling certified and CPR/AED certified



Bridgette is an cardio lover who enjoys running and indoor cycling. She grew up in Point Pleasant, went to Flagler College, and then came back to New Jersey to be closer to her family. While actively working in the real estate industry, Bridgette found her passion for turning the pedals to burn off the 9-5 stress. She became a certified Spinning instructor in 2017 and is excited to be part of the Clementine crew. Her music selection is forever changing and always fun! She loves fast feet, quick jumps and heavy climbs. Bridgette will push you through a 45-minute straight cardio blast where you can sweat away the daily stressors of life. 



Dyanne has been certified in the fitness industry for 20+ years.  Her experience is evident in her form and instructiveness with her riders to ensure that you get the most out of your ride. Dyanne's is a very strong, athletic, yet dance vibe-infused ride. Dyanne is a fun and motivating instructor who plays a really great mix of current, disco/groove, and classic rock music. You will blaze crazy calories in the blink of an eye! Dyanne is Mad Dogg Spinning certified and CPR-AED certified.


Effie has been an indoor cycling fanatic since she was in her 20's, and is the founder and previous owner of Clementine Cycling Studio. Effie's rides are strong and fast, steady and intense.  Her goal is to create playlists that mix new and classic rock/throwback music, along with a little "edge" that will keep you focused and inspired so you find your mind-body connection to ride the zone. Effie is a Mad Dogg Spinning certified instructor and CPR-AED certified.



Jess is a fitness fanatic, avid cross-fitter, and cycling instructor for over 8 years. She loves to marry her movements to the music and ride to the beat while incorporating high-intensity intervals into her Rides. She will constantly challenge and encourage you to give you a sense of achievement each and every class. Jess and her family live in Middletown and love our local community. Jess is Mad Dogg Spinning certified, and CPR-AED certified.




Lisa is a mother of 4 terrific boys, and owner/designer of Physhion, a line of fashion-forward fitness bags as well as owner of Physhion Boutique, the local go-to destination for athleisure apparel. As an avid indoor cycling enthusiast for the past 15 years, Lisa believes a great workout is as much about the mind as it is the body; indoor cycling is not only a physical workout, but also a great way to clear your mind. Lisa's classes are strong, intense and technically challenging, accompanied by fun, motivating music from every genre.... keep your focus, stay strong, let the music move you. Lisa is a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor and CPR-AED certified.


Melanie was a long distance runner and avid kick-boxer when a pelvic fracture sidelined her in 2010.  “I needed to find a fitness regimen that gave me that same calorie burn and endorphin rush as running, without being as hard on my joints.”  Melanie found what she was looking for when she took her first high intensity spin class.  Ever since then she was hooked and decided to get her certification to teach. Melanie's class is a POWER version of Rhythm Ride, a full-body high-intensity workout on the bike using your body resistance, light weights, or a loop band to sculpt and strengthen the lower body. The class is choreographed with push-ups, squats, crunches, and jumps—and even a little dancing—all while pedaling. Melanie received her indoor cycling certification from Schwinn and is also first aid, CPR and AED certified through the American Red Cross. 



Tracy has been a fitness fanatic for as long as she can remember.  She grew up on Long Island, lived in Manhattan, and settled in Fair Haven with her three kids and partner.  From a college cheerleader to a finisher in four NYC marathons, she just loves to be active. She’s always willing to try something new to spice up her fitness routine, so at the suggestion of a very good friend, they tried their first cycling class together at Clementine. There’s been no looking back!  Tracy's love of indoor cycling and love of dance is brought forth in her Rhythm Ride beat-driven, high-intensity cardio class, using core and rhythmic moves on the bike to include an upper body workout. Tracy is a Certified American Fitness Cycle instructor and she is CPR / AED certified.


Renee has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. Renee holds certifications in indoor cycling, as well as personal trainer, and Sports Nutrition certified. Renee is known not only for her professional expertise, but also for her patience and attention to detail. She makes everyone feel welcome and capable of reaching their goals. Renee brings her joy of life and music to her classes, and her challenging rides are fun and energetic. Renee is AAAI/ISMA Spinning certified and CPR-AED certified.



(virtual on-demand)

RYT 200+ Vinyasa, Rasa Restorative certified (YA), Yin Yoga certified (YA) ​“How you move on your mat is how you move in your life.” Georgette uses this phrase often to remind her students that the yoga poses or asanas are only a very small part of their yoga practice. By encouraging students to think less and feel more, Georgette hopes that they can learn to look inside, live where they fear to live, and emerge stronger. With degrees in Economics, Psychology and Computer Science, Georgette also understands the enormous pressures of corporate life and how vital it is to stay balanced and focused. Her teaching style is fun, encouraging self-acceptance and mindful alignment with the goals of creating internal strength and space for growth. A lifelong student, Georgette continues her yoga journey studying with teachers of different styles such as Dharma, Jivamukti, and Yin, though her greatest and most influential teachers will always be her two beautiful children. Georgette has most recently studied with Eckhart Tolle, incorporating this wisdom into her yoga classes, workshops, and weekend retreats. Be compassionate. Be kind. Be receptive.



(virtual on-demand)


Ginger's class is not just a high intensity cardio based class, but it also incorporates upper body and core workout into the routine.  What distinguishes Ginger's Ride is the "party on a bike"vibe.  She has always had a passion for fitness. A former fashion editor at InStyle and Vogue, Ginger moved to Fair Haven from New York City. She traded in her stilettos for cycling shoes and created her own version of her favorite cycling classes. Her Rhythm Ride class is a full body workout. From arm to legs to everything in between, Ginger choreographs every second of the 45 minute class that includes push-ups, squats, crunches and jumps—and even a little dancing—all while pedaling.

Ginger’s high-energy workout is what draws the crowd, but her music and motivation are close seconds. Between the mash-ups she mixes and the messages she delivers, her class is as inspiring as it is intense. As Ginger pushes her riders to the limit, she also cheers them on—with every painstaking pedal, she encourages them to be their best on the bike and beyond.  Ginger is Mad Dogg Spinning certified and CPR-AED certified.



(virtual on-demand)


Jen began indoor cycling 20 years ago and was instantly in love with the class. The results were fast and the calorie burn was high. It's completely addictive! As a mom of 4, her energy is always high as are her classes. She loves to continually mix up her music and throw in the occasional theme ride. "I believe that everyone has the ability to push themselves a little further than they think they can go.  My job is to bring out the best in every rider." "I can't say it better than the motto of Clementine... It's your time. It's your ride. Make it count." She can't wait to see you at Clementine! 

Jen is Mad Dogg Spinning certified, Real Ryder Certified, W.I.T.S. personal training certified, CPR-AED certified.



(virtual on-demand)


Katie grew up in Colorado and developed a love of sports at a very young age. A competitive tomboy at heart, she played soccer year-round, summers were for rock climbing and winters were spent snowboarding.  She moved to San Francisco for college, which is where she became addicted to yoga and long-distance running. She has completed several half marathons and has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years. Katie was introduced to Muay Thai boxing while living in NYC. She has been training for over a decade in mixed martial arts and loves the perfect combination of strength and endurance training that boxing brings. Her goal when teaching is to give a high-energy, intensely challenging class, pushing limits both physically and mentally. Katie created her signature class, Fight Club, which is a Muay Thai-inspired cardio kickboxing class. She teaches group classes and also offers 1 on 1 training sessions. Katie is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor.


Lauren C.

(virtual on-demand)

Lauren has been working in the corporate fitness industry since 2010. Through working in the industry she has been exposed to teaching a large variety of classes including indoor cycle, boot camp, step aerobics, zumba- you name it she will teach it! Lauren is music driven and loves to teach to the beat of the music while providing a fun and safe workout. Her classes are a fresh, very challenging sweatfest, and when she throws in the weights your muscles will scream!  Lauren is FITour Indoor Cycling certified and First Aid/CPR certified through the American Red Cross. She also holds certifications through ACSM, AFAA and EXOS.

Lauren S.

(virtual on-demand)

Lauren has taught group exercise for over 10 years. She began teaching group exercise classes at Rowan University at the campus gym while earning a degree in Health & Fitness. Lauren has taught at various gyms through out central NJ and has worked at on site corporate fitness centers for MetLife, Sanofi-Aventis, and CitiGroup. Her favorite class to teach has always been spin. Lauren loves music and her spin classes feature a mix of classic rock, 80s, 90s & current music. There is something for everyone in each class! She lives in Tinton Falls with her husband and two children.
Lauren is a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor and CPR-AED certified.



(virtual on-demand)


In 2002, Melissa was introduced to Spinning (indoor cycling) at her local gym and she was hooked instantly. For the first time, she found a class that was motivating and produced results. She literally watched her body transform over the next 2 years; by incorporating strength training and spinning into her workout program, she achieved results she had never seen before.  Spinning became her passion and now she teaches because she enjoys being able to help others achieve their fitness goals.  As a mother of two, and over 14 years of indoor cycling experience, she has taken Spinning classes through both pregnancies, and have had the joy of watching beginner riders build strength and confidence in their ability, physicality and health. Melissa's class is a full body workout, sculpting the body on the bike without the use of weights. Classes are energetic and motivating, pedaling to the driving beat of the music. She strives to make all of her classes challenging, but also FUN! Melissa is a FitTour Indoor Cycling certified instructor and CPR certified. Melissa has been teaching Indoor Cycling since 2005. 



(virtual on-demand)

Siobhan is an experienced indoor cyclist with more than 10 years behind the handlebars. She is a Philly native and lived in NYC before coming to Fair Haven. Her classes combine an intense cardio workout with her passion for music. Siobhan's carefully curated playlists mix mash-ups of old and new classics, hits, rock, hip hop, rap and more. Always great music to push you through those challenging pushes and breathless sprints. #justride  Siobhan is a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor and CPR-AED certified.
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