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About Us

Clementine is a welcoming, friendly space with a zen vibe where everyone who comes has the same goal in mind….to get a really great workout, build endurance and be inspired by the Ride. We want people walking out of class, I just got my butt kicked, and it was so much FUN!


Hi, I am Effie Drossman, indoor cycling fanatic for the past 20+ years and owner of Clementine Cycling Studio.  I started cycling when I was working on a trading desk at JPMorgan on Wall Street. I took my first class with a friend and colleague, not knowing what I was getting in to. It was NOT love at first sight for me!! During that first class I saw stars and nearly fell off my bike from exhaustion, honestly…but…for some reason, I was hooked! I kept going back, realizing that the class was such a great stress reliever after sitting at the trading desk “toeing the line” with your stress and anxiety levels at the mercy of the markets for six hours every day.

As it turns out, through all of my varied career paths and business endeavors, indoor cycling has been the one constant for me, keeping me sane and having fun doing it.  Through Clementine, I created a local destination that was a single focused studio dedicated to indoor cycling. A place with incredibly motivating, high energy, fun instructors who get riders in the zone and burning crazy calories with each class.  

One of my biggest frustrations with other classes was that often I would need to show up for the class far in advance to secure a bike, or get shut out of the class! In order to address this problem, Clementine has online class reservations! Reserve your class online ahead of time and you are guaranteed a bike! No worries! And, yes, of course you can simply drop-in and ride as long as there are open bikes.  Clementine provides many classes each day, so you can probably fit a ride into your schedule. Never taken an indoor cycling class before? No worries, come in for a ride and we'll set you'll be hooked!  

Why the name, you ask? Inspired by my two boys, Dylan and Ryan, sitting at the counter eating clementines! THAT'S IT! When I think of the word “clementine”, what comes to mind is energetic, fun, fresh (and, I just love the color!)...for me, the name just clicked.




(a.k.a. Mr. Clementine)

While you won't see Dave in front of the camera,

if you come to Ride with us you may see him "on set", building and creating everything behind the scenes, and then some! Something doesn't work, this guy is Mr. Fix-It and the problem solver! Dave makes sure that everything is running smoothly so that we can provide you with a great experience!


Come join us…. It’s your time.  It’s your Ride.  Make it count.

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